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Spiritual Astrology Workshop... for a life lived with foresight!!!

You wouldn't go traveling or driving in a foreign land without a map, would you? So why should you go through life without a guide?
Life is a game! And like any other game, the Game of Life has rules!
In this 1 day workshop, you will gain insights into:
• improving the quality of your life
• potential - identify, tap and fulfill!
• planning for your future
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  Esther was featured on 新民日报 on 16 Apr 2009 where she commented on the marriage of Singapore celebrities, Fann and Christopher.

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"I want to state that I am not a believer of astrology. Esther has been able to accurately pinpoint the specific characteristics that make up who I am... I think I’ve learnt more about myself, and about life, now. When I first saw your report, I thought it was utter rubbish! Now it’s just so me. Thank you once again! And I didn’t know Astrology can be used in this way..." ~ C. J. Ng, Business Owner