The stars impel. They do not compel!

Compel: to use force or influence to cause (a person) to do something, to allow no choice of action.
Impel: to urge or drive to do something, to send or drive forward, to propel.
- Oxford Dictionary -

what is astrology?  
Astrology is a tool that allows us to understand our psychological make-up and it helps in the development of intuition.  It is easily the most powerful tool for measuring character, mental and emotional constitution.  It is an ancient Science that reveals much!

Some well known people who used Astrology as a guide for forecasting a psychological crisis would include Carl Jung, Hippocrates (the founder of medical science), Sir Isaac Newton, Mark Twain, Galileo and Michel de Notre-Dame (known popularly as “Nostradamus”).

There will always be individuals who would label astrology as “nonsense” simply because they have not studied the subject and thus do not understand the basis or foundations on which astrology is laid on.

In order for astrology to be useful, one must approach the subject with an open mind. Dogmatic adherence to primitive, obsolete and antiquated practices serves no one and in fact limits the individual’s potential.
It must be said that whilst a horoscope CAN delineate an individual’s tendencies and inclinations, which impel the creation of one’s life’s circumstances, it does not show how far one has developed in spirituality. more...
– What is Astrology?
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