1. Why are Astrologers able to predict (with some level of accuracy) another person's actions and intentions?
2. If people don't change, can fate be changed? Why?
3. Is Astrology about fate?
4. What IS Astrology?
5. Why do some Astrologers say that nothing is guaranteed and that destiny does not equal to fate?
6. Is it true that the planets dictate our personality?
7. It is said that when consulting a “fortune teller” (or a “soothsayer”), one must pay. Why?
8. If you don’t know your birth time, can a reading still be done?
9. How does a transit reading help with relationship problems and other problems?
10. Why is it encouraged to consult an astrologer at least once a year?
11. Why should you seek a consultation session with an astrologer to discover the right vocation?
12. What makes a good reader?
13. Can common sense be developed?
14. What is Karma?
15. I have questions about a specific problem. Will you give me some advice?
16. How can I go "within"?
17. Why do we reincarnate?
18. Do all souls reincarnate?
19. How many times does a soul reincarnate?
20. Can there still be communication with a loved one if that soul has reincarnated?
21. Can souls "split"?
22. There are more people on earth now than ever before - is Heaven that crowded?
23. Do animals have souls?
24. Do we have soul mates?
25. How does astrology or spirituality view suicide and abortion?
26. Why is physical health important?
27. What is destiny and fate?
28. I am a Christian and we don’t subscribe to theories of reincarnation?