"You do what you say, with such a passion and sincerity and constant follow up, it gives me peace of mind!"
- Khoo Guek Cheng, Interior Designer, business owner

"I like your personal touch! Stanley is really good!  I shifted the water feature just Sunday and today, my boss gave me an increment!" - Mui Keow, engineer

"You are VERY good at what you do!  How is it that someone who does not know me and the challenges I am facing, can possibly know so much (and so accurately too!) about what’s happening in my life?  Great suggestions given for problem solving too!"
- Mrs Sng, retired nurse

"Thank you very much Esther!  You are very kind with me, as usual. You are an amazing lady, a great friend and an incredible support. Regis Dupaux was very happy with the analysis that both Stanley and yourself provided!"
- Philippe Chambraud, business owner

"Esther’s charting helps me understand myself better, my bad points and good ones. It helps me live a better life by curbing my inherent tendencies and focus on enhancing and improving on my good tendencies. BAGUS!"
- Raymond Ng Kai Hoe, business owner

"Having attended many workshops, I must say your workshop got the right formula i.e. information packed, fun, fast paced and infused with your quirky and entertaining style, unique to you. Also good value for money and priced competitively." - Renee Chew, resort owner
No one says it better than all of you, thank you so much! Your words are a great motivation to us and reason to reach for the stars!
- Love N Healing Space
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